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100 Days of Abstracts


My first hundred day project in 2018 taught me a lot about gesture. When to push and when to reign in my actions with paints. The goal of this project was to create an abstract painting every day for 100 days.

100 Day Mixtape Project


The second 100 day project takes on a more interactive approach with the viewer, to engage the viewers senses in not only a visual but an auditory way. 

Aside Poetry

2018 - PRESENT

Every year in October I participate in Inktober by creating ink drawings that are accompanied and informed by a Poem done in tandem.

Sci Fi Portraits


September 2019 was dedicated to Science Fiction. Portraits from films were done on 5" x 7" translucent yupo in graphite. This allows the viewer to see the film, though distorted through the drawings themselves.

& yes, there are 7 Portraits of Harrison Ford!

Daily Practice

2017 - PRESENT

A collection of select work from Daily Practice Challenges. To view ALL the work, check out my Instagram

Newest work can be found here


Newest work can be found here

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