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Interdisciplinary Artist

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Soda Leavey is an interdisciplinary Artist based on the Canadian West Coast. Her work is comprised of compositions that capture the movement and gesture of their realizations often with juxtaposing materials to visually explore different relationships and boundaries.

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 Arbitrary Integrity of the expressionist gesture is highlighted alongside process and materiality, which is emphasized through destruction, action and reconfiguration. Anxieties associated with technology, dehumanization and the future manifest in gestures which break down the picture plane—shifting between form and disarrangement. This creates a space that invites the viewer to feel while also challenging their unconscious distinctions of reality.

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Boundaries are explored between mediums and experimental actions that speak to the paridoxical relations of domination. The domination of women and nature is increasingly apparent today and reflected as an underlying discourse in her concepts. By exploring the ideas of extension and action in the context of labour, how it may allow or inhibit her practice as a female artist, and how it may breach the fluid boundaries of her body in contemporary hybrid spaces has made identity play a pivotal role in the work.

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